About art and other random observations

I'm an art nomad - I've woven fibers on sticks, painted with oils and acrylics on canvas and wood, pasted ancient crumbling papers and old photos onto myriad surfaces, created digital art, worked in clay (not well at all) and designed jewelry that promptly fell apart when worn. I've dipped my toes in a lot of different media and the adventure has been sublime.


Daily art time is located in my ever moving studio - wherever there is room in my small, cozy home. I paint, draw, scribble, design and cut on my laser. Myriad surfaces in my room are covered with works in progress.

Listening to music, looking out at my woefully untended garden, hopefully painting, scratching and gluing something that will adorn the world and make it, in a very small way, a more beautiful place to exist.

Me to you. xo