About art and other random observations

I call myself an art nomad - I've woven fibers on sticks, painted with oils and acrylics on canvas and wood, pasted ancient crumbling papers and old photos onto myriad surfaces, created pieces digitally in Photoshop, worked in clay (not well at all) and designed jewelry that promptly fell apart when worn. I've dipped my toes in a lot of different media but throughout my long love affair with art and creating I avoided watercolors like the plague.

Watercolors were too unpredictable; too hard to control. 

And then I took an abstract watercolor class and was so filled with the wonder of this crazy unpredictable medium I couldn't stop painting with it.

Pretty much daily I tape paper to boards, plug into some music and play with watercolor and water. I have a lot (I mean a LOT) of painted papers filling every drawer of a nifty IKEA cabinet in my ersatz art room (a tiny slice of my kitchen that I appropriated).

And I paint. And each painting is something quite intuitive and generally unplanned and wholly a part of me. I'm surrounded by sticks and stones and music and a view of my back garden (which is not a garden in the American sense but I've also appropriated that expression from my English husband who calls any plot of ground behind a home, be it straggly or cultivated, a "garden").

My nanoscopic corner of the art world, in my kitchen, listening to music, looking out at my garden, hopefully painting something that will catch your eye and perhaps adorn one of your walls.

Me to you. xo